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Aya El  Mandouh
JR Graphic Designer

Welcome To My Graphic 
Design Portfolio

Aya El Mandouh is a JR Graphic Designer based in Toronto, Canada. She wants to bring her creative vision to life through her designs.

Contact for more design work/examples.

My Projects

tennis club mockup.jpg

Cambell Tennis Club-2022

After Effects Animation

Animation exploration.

 a la mode branding-02.png


Created branding for a clothing brand Vibrant. The brand is a trendy modern style with a muted dark colour palette.


La Floraison-2022

La Floraison is a floral shop for all kinds of events. 

SilkRoad Gold-2022

SilkRoad Gold, a North African-inspired jewellery brand, takes the traditional gold metal and style and creates it more in a modern style. 

efadco logo card.jpg

Efadco Petroleum Services-2019 and 2021

Efadco Petroleum Services branding located in Cairo, Egypt and Canada.

Working with Laptops

Advertience Inc-2023-2024

To receive access, the password is in the cover letter. 


SMILE Canada-2022

SMILE Canada is a non-profit organization that is supporting racialized children and youth with disabilities and their families. Created their social media content as well as their marketing campaigns.

vertical postcard.png

Mindshare Workspace-2022

Mindshare Workspace was a Graphic Design internship that was 4 months long. I have created social media assets as well as print material assets for events and conferences in Canada and the USA.

Digital Art Programs

Photoshop Illustrator


Premier Pro

Figma & Indesign

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